Ondago “as the crow flies”

We have received numerous questions about the meaning of the notation “as the crow flies” that appears when you click on an icon, or point-of-interest, on the Ondago map display of our trail. The distance that is labelled “as the crow flies” means the distance from where you are at the moment to the location of the point-of-interest, measured in a straight line. The number will change as you move around and is calculated using your current location gps coordinates and the gps coordinates of the point-of-interest. The purpose of this information is to let you know the distance to the point-of-interest from your current location. So, Ondago not only tells you where the trail is, and where you are on the trail, but also helps you figure out if you want to head out to the point-of-interest that caught your eye (go for it).

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