Ondago updated for Oro-Medonte trail

On June 11 we announced that the Oro-Medonte trail has been moved off of Line 5N in Oro-Medonte between Peter Street and Vasey Road.

As of June 18 our Ondago mobile map app has been updated to reflect the ‘new and improved’ off road trail between these two points. If you have previously downloaded the Oro-Medonte trail you will see an update notice when you next open this trail in the app – simply click on the update icon and in a few seconds you be ready to go!

Oro-Medonte Club off-road trail between Peter Street and Vasey Road now blazed and available

2019 turned out to be a very wet spring, and caused the northern part of the Oro Medonte section of the Ganaraska Hiking Trail to be closed due to flooding, and the trail was moved to roadside walking between Peter Street and Vasey Road on Line 5N. This past spring has been a lot drier and has allowed us to re-open the off-road section between Peter Street and Vasey Road, and trail maintenance has been done so that that section is now open again. 
Please note that currently that our Ondago mapping app still shows the detour along Oro-Medonte Line 5, but the app is currently being updated, and should show the corrected route shortly.

2020.05.15 Update – Barrie Trail Temporarily Closed Between Baldwick Land and County Road 90

May 15, 2020

There is still a section of the trail that remains closed even with the opening of some parks in Ontario. The section of trail immediately south of Baldwick Lane is still closed. It is now possible to hike north from County Road 90 until you get through the forest to the open meadow. The situation is being closely monitored – please watch for future updates,

Announcement on May 8, 2020

The west end of the Ganarasaka Barrie Hiking Club trail, from Baldwick Lane to County Road 90, goes through property owned by Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority, Nature Conservancy of Canada, and private landowners. Regardless of ownership, all of this section of the trail is in the area designated as Minesing Wetlands. These organizations have all recently designated their properties as closed to the public due the pandemic restrictions.

Until these restrictions are lifted, the Ganaraska trail between Baldwick Land and County Road 90 is to be considered ‘off limits’ to comply with the wishes of the land owners that support our trail system. Thanks for your understanding, and stay safe. 

Couchiching Conservancy Nature Reserves Closed to Public

This post shares an article from Orillia Matters, dated March 28, that would be of interest to many Ganaraska members.

“After much consideration we are sad to announce that The Couchiching Conservancy is temporarily closing its nature reserves to the public.

While we understand the vital importance of getting out for a walk in the woods to deal with the stress we are all facing, we also know that some of our reserves have become gathering places for significant crowds in recent days.

Nothing is more important than supporting our health care workers and front-line service providers during this emergency, and all levels of government as well as public health officials have made it clear that the best way to provide that support is to stay home.”

For more information, please visit www.couchichingconserv.ca.

Ontario Provincial Parks Closures affecting the Ganaraska Trail

Ontario Parks has recently closed their parks to public access in response to guidance from public health officials to help battle the spread of COVID-19.

This affects the Ganaraska Trail as follows:
– Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands in the Wilderness Club trail section.
– Springwater Provincial Park in the Barrie Club section.
– Wasaga Beach Provincial Park in the Wasaga Beach Club section.

The text from their website is copied here for reference.

Park Advisories

In order to assist the province with its efforts to keep Ontarians safe during this time, all provincial parks will be closed to the public from March 19, 2020 until April 30, 2020.

This includes:

  • car camping
  • backcountry camping
  • roofed accommodations
  • day use opportunities
  • all public buildings

As #COVID19ON continues to quickly evolve, we want to ensure public safety and the well-being of our visitors and staff in Ontario’s provincial parks.

Please go the Ontario Parks website for the lastest information if you are considering hiking on Ontario Parks property in the foreseeable future. Enjoy the outdoors as much as you can, but let’s all also follow the rules we have been asked to comply with to address the COVID-19 pandemic.


John Sloan
GHTA Director – Trails and Landowner Relations

Barrie Trail Closed Between Lines 5 & 6 in Oro-Medonte.

Logging operations are active in Simcoe County Forest between Lines 5N and 6N in Oro-Medonte. The Barrie Club trail in the section is therefore closed until further notice. A temporary alternative would be to go through Sugarbush Estates (the same route as described in the 2013 Guidebook). When the logging operation is completed and the No Entry signs removed we will post an update.

At entry to Barrie trail going west from Line 6N in Oro-Medonte.

Barrie trail reroute at east end

In the ‘Trail Changes’ section of the website you will find details of a change in the Barrie trail at the east end (where it meets the Orillia trail). We have eliminated road walking as you head west from Line 6N in Oro-Medonte and replaced it with some very nice forest paths all the way to Line 5N. Details and maps are provided in the ‘Trail Changes’ section.

Logging operations behind Simcoe County Museum finished.

On January 15 the Barrie Club posted a caution about using our trail behind the Simcoe County Museum because of logging operations in the area. We have received notice that the logging operation is completed so the trail is open for our enjoyment once again. Please remember the trail here is now slightly different that the Guidebook map because of reforestation work. Instead of crossing Hwy #26 near the junction with Hwy #27 and going behind the museum, we now enter the museum property using their driveway before heading west towards Springwater Provincial Park. The new trail is well marked and blazed.

Logging operation in Simcoe County Forest Museum Tract affects Barrie trail

Logging operations in the Simcoe County Forest Museum Tract will begin mid-January 2019 with a target completion of early Spring 2019. The GHTA Barrie trail is affected between Hwy #26 and Anne Street (see GHTA Guidebook map #21) and this section should be considered temporarily closed. The attached file shows the specific areas for the logging operation outlined with blue lines.