Each member who completes the Ganaraska Hiking Trail End-to-End Challenge will be presented with a Special End-to-End Badge and a Certificate of Completion with compliments of the Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association Inc. Non-members can order a badge and certificate for a $25 fee which includes a one-year membership. For more information, please contact the Badge Officer.

Trail and Section Badges: Display your badges proudly as a member of the Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association Inc.! The cost of an end-to-end section badge for the Wilderness section is $10.00 per badge. The cost of an end to end section badge for all other sections is $7.00 per section.

Use the Merchandise Order Form for section badges and name tags. Purchase of these badges is optional and prices include shipping.

50/100/200 Hikes in 1 Year Badges

In 2022, Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association president, Frieda Baldwin, launched a Challenge for 2022 to encourage hikers to get out in nature, for their physical and mental health, and to explore new trail locations. As a goal and reward, a 100 Hikes in 1 Year badge was made available. As of 2023, we now also have a 50 Hikes in 1 Year and a 200 Hikes in 1 year badge. 

Many hikers – not just Ganaraska Hiking Trail members – have taken up the challenge and are posting their sequentially numbered hikes on the Ganaraska Hiking Trail Facebook Group with the hashtag #50hikesin2023, #100hikesin2023, #200hikesin2023. Anyone can participate, and the hike can be anywhere, provided it is at least one hour in duration, and that the name of the trail or location is mentioned, accompanied by one or more nature photos.

Badges can be ordered using the Ganaraska Hiking TrailĀ Merchandise Order Form.

There is still time in 2023 to take part in this challenge!