End-to-End Challenge

Guidelines for Ganaraska Hiking Trail End-to-End Challenge

To qualify for the Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association end to end certificate and badge, completion of the following is required:

(a) the entire length of the Pine Ridge, Kawartha, Orillia, Barrie, Mad River, Wasaga Beach, Midland, Oro-Medonte and Tiny Trails sections as each section existed on the days each section was hiked; and

(b) New Wilderness “End-to-End”
Effective Dec 1, 2021, the Wilderness “End-to-End” requirement has been redefined. E2E hikers must now complete the main White trail of the Wilderness section of the Ganaraska Trail that runs from Moore Falls at the eastern end to Sadowa at the western end for a total distance of about 57km. It had become increasingly obvious that we needed to simplify the standard and make it consistent with the other clubs by establishing one continuous trail without added-on loops such as we have had for the past few years. The three main segments comprising the White trail are now as follows:

1) Moore Falls to Petticoat Junction (via Scrabble Mountain): 12km;
2) Petticoat Junction to Victoria Bridge via the NE arm of the Montgomery Creek Loop: 28km;
3) Victoria Bridge to Sadowa via Black River Road and Chisholm Trail: 17km.

Note that the first and third segments may also be completed on separate day hikes. For example, you could elect to hike the first segment by starting at Moore Falls, hiking to Petticoat Junction, then taking the Blue side trail to finish at the Devil’s Lake trailhead (a car shuttle would bring you back to Moore Falls). The second segment – the legendary “cross-over” hike – requires at least one night of camping, although it is true that some exceptionally fit and hardy individuals have completed the cross-over in a single day…but we do not recommend it. Since the third segment runs along country roads, hikers may arrange a car shuttle to facilitate a day hike. Please note that hikers who had already started their quest to fulfill the end-to-end requirement under the previous definition may still earn their badge without switching to the new requirement.


For the purposes of these requirements, the official route of each portion of trail described includes all reroutes and trail extensions and excludes all trail closures identified on the GHTA or the GHTA Wilderness section websites on the day each portion is hiked. For some inspiration, check out these photos from the Wilderness section of Ruth Moffatt’s E2E hike!

All hikers are required to keep a hiking log, noting the date each portion was hiked. See the attached example. Copies of the hiking log sheets are to be submitted to the Trail’s Badge Officer upon completion of the End-to-End Challenge. 

Hikers should review the GHTA and GHTA Wilderness section websites for trail changes prior to their hikes. If hikers have questions regarding the trail, they can contact the President of the section they are interested in hiking – see Contact Us.

See this handy sheet for winter parking restrictions along the trail.