Trail Maintenance

Many people from the Ganaraska Trail member clubs enjoy maintaining the Ganaraska Hiking Trail and side trails, so that hikers may appreciate the nature and the varying landscape.

Trail Sections

The approximately 500 kms of the Ganaraska Hiking Trail is divided into sections which are maintained by the member clubs, responsible for:

  • Inspecting their trail section and reporting on its status
  • Cutting back branches and weeds and removing litter
  • Repainting blazes and ensuring the blazes are visible
  • Reporting issues with stiles, signage, erosion, and downed trees

Trail Maintenance Volunteers

Our work parties cut tall grass and weeds, maintain signage, build trail re-routes, repair structures, build new structures, and generally do anything else that required on the trails.  Trail Maintenance volunteers will be called on the join work parties, and will find that doing trail work is very satisfying and rewarding, as it leaves one not only with a better trail but also a sense of accomplishment, pride, and community spirit. The results of their work are much appreciated by hikers, especially the End to End hikers.

Please see the Trail Maintenance and Status report form under Resources.