Hike Leaders and Courses

Becoming a Hike Leader

Hiking is a healthy and enjoyable outdoor activity that provides an opportunity for people to socialize and make new friends.  A good hike leader can enhance that experience.  Hikes are much more fun and enjoyable when there is a knowledgeable leader who, not only knows the way, but also applies safety practices, adds perhaps some fun and interesting facts and has the ability to work with the group to make it an enjoyable outing.

While becoming certified as a hike leader is not a requirement, you may be interested in taking the Certified Hike Leader 1-day introductory course which allows you to become ready to facilitate a great outing with fellow hikers. This course is a sanctioned standard and will assist the candidates in leading club hikes.  Examples of topics covered include:

  1. Preparing for a hike:  Information needed for the route which can include terrain, weather, wildlife, insects, etc.
  2. Packing and Outfitting:  What to pack for first aid, safety, footwear, clothing, hydration, snacks.
  3. On the trail:  Planning the route, parking.  

Training Courses

These courses are available on the Hike Ontario website. See https://hikeontario.com/takeacourse/trainingcourses/ 

Association Documents for Hike Leaders and Others

  1. Accident, incident, near-miss report.
  2. Attendance, waiver of liability and assumption of risk.  (Members currently fill in this form upon membership renewal), but hike leaders still need to have non-members sign the waiver. This form is also helpful for tracking hike attendance.
  3. Intro-spiel for hike leaders.
  4. Winter parking restrictions.
  5. Trail Maintenance and Status report form.