2022.07.23 – Logging Operation Affects Barrie Trail

We have received notice from the Simcoe County Forestry organization that logging has started in the Orrock Creek South tract. This means that there is an unusable section of the Barrie trail between Old Second South and Gill Road, as shown in the attached map. Hiking in this area from either the Old Second South parking lot or the Gill Road parking lot would still be possible, but it would be necessary to turn back as soon as the logging operation signs are reached (do not hike in the signed area even if the logging operation isn’t active when you get there). The duration of the logging operation isn’t known, but a future posting will announce when the trail is fully open again.

GHTA Wilderness Club – New Executives

Greetings, Wild Things – I bring you good tidings this morning.
After intense competition, fierce & fiery speeches and lively debate last night, three new members have emerged to take on their new roles within the Executive Committee of the Wilderness Club.
Please join me in welcoming Carolyn Humphreys as Vice President, Neil Runnalls as Trail Director, and Laura Dailly as Hike Coordinator. These talented, capable and enthusiastic individuals will give us much needed bench strength and inject new energy and ideas in the running of our club. We have a list of duties, issues and concerns to manage, and manage them we shall. Please give Carolyn, Neil and Laura your full support and let’s all pitch in as/when called upon (e.g. trail maintenance work parties, and the like).
Regards & Happy Trails,
Rob “El Pretzel” Halupka