Wilderness Club: First Spring Hike of 2019

Along the Hydro Cut between Devil’s Lake and Black Creek

Today was the first GHTA Wilderness Club hike of spring 2019 – Devil’s Lake to Moore Falls via the “Queen’s Corridor”; and the first BBQ steak of the year – thanks Joshua! Oh, and thanks to the snowmobilers who packed down a number of sections of the now defunct, overgrown hydro cut – “Queen’s Corridor”. We didn’t really need our snowshoes despite at least a foot and a half of snow.

Looking south on Black Creek

The morning chilled us with its -16C temperatures and wind chill (28k/h with gusts to 35k/h). The combination of the forest and valleys protecting us from the wind, a clear, bright sunny day and my “manopause” had me in an unzippered jacket, baseball cap and no gloves in no time.

Along the main trail, heading down to a creek crossing

The hard water was still safe-at least where we were, even though we saw lots of open water on the drive in this morning. Today will probably be our last outing on it until next year. I’ll miss the refreshing reverse perspective of looking up the cliffs and slopes into the forest vs. the view downward towards the water. As well as the bonus of zero elevation change which is always a pleasure. I’m sure everyone would agree: Robert, Ted, Kathy, Lorry, Simone Joshua.

Taking a shortcut across a beaver pond after ensuring the ice was safe to travel on