Ganaraska End to End Hikers Reunion

Were you part of the group of hikers who slogged through water, mud and snow on the end to end with Peter Tomlin and Don Priestman in 1995 through to the fall of 1996? It does not seem like it was 20 years ago that these hikes started until you look at the photos! Do you recognize any of those in these photos? Vlado Bosnar, Gerry Dowd, Tony Edmonds, Ross and Vi Yorth, Shep, Regine Joxen and others???? The group that started in spring of1995 and the group on that final hike in October 1996.
Peter would like to plan a reunion in the fall 2016 for this group of fearless hikers who braved the Minising swamp, the Montgomery Creek rapids, mosquitoes and black flies and the long stretches of road walking and longer car shuffles. An afternoon to get together with those who walked this trail together , catch up on what you have been doing for 20 years, renew friendships NO weare not going to plan a reunion hike of the wilderness section.
. Please send us a note or call if you would be interested and we will start planning. IT would be fun to see those who walked it all or parts of it. As Maureen Smith remembers the Wilderness section hike Labour Day weekend 1996 “The Hike from Hell” Who could forget that backpacking adventure!
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