New Covid Restrictions Update

With the new Covid 19 restrictions for Ontario, which include a max of 5 for outdoor gatherings, the Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association Inc. is herewith suspending all group hikes until further notice, effective Jan. 14, 2021.  The work involved in planning multiple hikes for small groups is just too complex to organize. A lot of work goes into planning a hike, sending the announcements, pre-registrations, documenting attendees for contact tracing, etc.  In addition, we are encouraged to STAY HOME, except for essential travel and exercise. We encourage you to still go out for exercise, locally, with your household members, or a small group of hiking friends, of course observing Covid protocols.  Over the years, we have shown you the great places to hike, ski or snowshoe, many of them close to your home.  So go and enjoy what winter has to offer, but do it on your own or in small groups.
Stay safe, and happy hiking.
Frieda Baldwin, President, Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association Inc. Ph 705-245-1005

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