Announcing Change for Mad River Trail (ref. map #24 of Guidebook)

On May 16, 2019 a reroute for a section of the GHTA Mad River Club trail was blazed near Glencairn, getting 2 km of the trail off of Webster Road and Centre Line Road. Our thanks to Sharon and Steve Striegl for allowing the new route on their property at 9230 Webster Road.
The new trail section provides a pleasant hike beside tree nursery fields and through forested areas. The property has an interesting history, as described below by Sharon and Steve.
“The property was purchased in 1961 by George and Gertrude Striegl.  At the time, it was one of over 200 tobacco farms in the region.  The Striegls retired in 1975 when the current owners and 2nd generation of tobacco growers, Steve and Sharon Striegl, grew tobacco until 1988.  At that time, the property was one of only 4 tobacco farms left in the area.  The property has been leased to Somerville Nurseries where it has been planted in X-mas trees (Fraser Fir, Balsam Fir), ever since.”
The attached files provide a marked up version of map #24 from the Guidebook, a satellite image of the new route, and a topo map of the new route.
The GHTA very much appreciates the generosity and support from Sharon and Steve for allowing this trail section to be established on their property.
– John
John Sloan Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association Director Trails and Landowner Relations / Barrie Club President / 705-715-6994

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