50th Anniversary Summit… a few photos of a very successful event.

Walking towards Scout Valley where we met the Orillia hikers who carried the water. From left to right: Barb Rimmer, Frieda Baldwin and Irene Bell
Past President and Past Wilderness President David Francis, with current Wilderness predident Glynn Richardson
Orillia club water carriers: Vern, Paul McCreath and Wendy Kirk
Hike Ontario past president, Tom Friesen
Smudging ceremony
Getting ready for the indigenous smudging and water ceremony
Midland club president Marc Vallee and his wife Janet (in orange)
Lakehead University lobby
Hikers going to meet the Water Carriers of the Orillia club
Indigenous Water Ceremony and blessings
80+ participants at the Water Ceremony
From left to right: Recognition of longest serving club president Marc Vallee of the Midland Club, followed by Past Presidents Paul McCreath, Past President David Francis, Rob Butler standing in for Peter Verbeek, our long term Trail Director, Past President Mike Pidwerbecki and Past President Bob Bowles. Thank you all!
Current Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association president, Frieda Baldwin

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