Mad River Section at Glen Huron

Mad River Section at Glen Huron
Please note that until the corn is harvested, the Mad River section from the 8th Conc. of Nottawasaga (at the bottom of the 15-16 Conc.) will temporarily be closed all the way to River Road. Also, the Mad River trail from New Lowell through Angus to the start of the Barrie section remains closed until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Frieda Baldwin

Frieda’s Glen Huron hike Tuesday August 2

Feel free to join me on an approx. 10 km hike in the Glen Huron area (south of Collingwood) on Tuesday Aug 2, 2016. We will hike the the Mad River section of the Ganaraska Trail as well as an approx. 5 km section of the Bruce Trail through the Nottawasaga Bluffs on the Niagara Escarpment. Should be a great hike, on one of my personal favourite sections.

If you want to join me, let me know, and meet at 10:15 AM at the Giffin Apple Orchard and Cold Storage in Glen Huron from where I will arrange the car shuttle. Please bring lunch, water and some insect repellent (although mosquitoes do not seem to be bad at all this year).

Happy hiking!!

Frieda Baldwin
Certified Hike Leader

Cell (on Tuesday only) 705-937-1005

Barrie Club Spring Hike Changes


This Hike is Missing from the Spring 2016 News:

Sunday, May  22  <Easy>
Hike for 2 – 2 1/2 hrs  behind the Simcoe County Museum.
Meet in parking lot behind the Simcoe County Museum on left side of Hwy 26, after turning left off Bayfield St. at 10.30 am
Contact:  Norah Stebner @ 705-726-3163 or Min Pinkney @ 705-797-1989

This Hike’s Leader is changed:

Sunday, May 15 <EASY/MODERATE>
Hike in the Barrie area at Ardagh Bluffs. Easy pace for approx. 2 1/2 – 3 hours with a number of short steep hills. Leaving from rear parking lot of Canadian Tire on Bayfield Street at 10am and the Holly Community Centre parking lot at 10:30am.

Contact: Bob Murrell @ 705-456-3163

Ganaraska End to End Hikers Reunion

Were you part of the group of hikers who slogged through water, mud and snow on the end to end with Peter Tomlin and Don Priestman in 1995 through to the fall of 1996? It does not seem like it was 20 years ago that these hikes started until you look at the photos! Do you recognize any of those in these photos? Vlado Bosnar, Gerry Dowd, Tony Edmonds, Ross and Vi Yorth, Shep, Regine Joxen and others???? The group that started in spring of1995 and the group on that final hike in October 1996.
Peter would like to plan a reunion in the fall 2016 for this group of fearless hikers who braved the Minising swamp, the Montgomery Creek rapids, mosquitoes and black flies and the long stretches of road walking and longer car shuffles. An afternoon to get together with those who walked this trail together , catch up on what you have been doing for 20 years, renew friendships NO weare not going to plan a reunion hike of the wilderness section.
. Please send us a note or call if you would be interested and we will start planning. IT would be fun to see those who walked it all or parts of it. As Maureen Smith remembers the Wilderness section hike Labour Day weekend 1996 “The Hike from Hell” Who could forget that backpacking adventure!
Contact Lynn or Peter 905-791-9156 or

Mad River Ganaraska Section

Mad River Ganaraska section mostly back into shape
Last fall, we had reports that the Mad River section of the Ganaraska Trail, between Utopia and the westerly cairn of the Ganaraska Trail in Glen Huron, was in dire need of some TLC. Since the Mad River club did not have the capacity of doing the maintenance on this 50 km section of Ganaraska Trail, adjacent clubs came to the rescue, and thanks to the excellent weather in the late fall, and with the help of many volunteers, we managed to bring the trail back into shape… for the most part.
In total, we organized 6 trail maintenance days between the end of October and mid November and reblazed 38 kms.
We had to deal with  wind storm damage, a myriad of new trails in the Brentwood Forest after a controlled forest fire, new fencing at the Glencairn Conservation Area, hydro poles that had been replaced, and we cleaned up around the cairn, etc. Twenty five volunteers from the Midland, Wasaga Beach, Mad River and Barrie clubs, as well as Ganaraska President, Bob Bowles, contributed a total of 36 volunteer days to bring the trail from km 11.9 in New Lowell to the cairn in Glen Huron, where the Ganaraska meets the Bruce Trail,  back into shape. Many thanks to all volunteers!
Unfortunately, we have not found a solution yet for the section from km 0 in Utopia (end of Barrie section) to New Lowell. This section currently follows the now fully abandoned and badly overgrown Barrie-Collingwood railway line. We may need to organize a re-route for this section. In the interim, this section of the Ganaraska Trail remains closed.

Frieda Baldwin

Bill 100 and Landowners

The Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association wishes to clarify that the proposed Ontario Trails Act (Bill 100) has no impact on the existing handshake or written agreements the Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association has with the landowners, who so graciously allow the Ganaraska Hiking Trail to pass on their private land.

Reading Bill 100 will correct any misinformation regarding access to private land, as will this recent note from Michael Coteau, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport:

The province introduced Bill 100, the Supporting Ontario’s Trails Act, 2015, to improve access to Ontario’s trails, building both a healthier, and more prosperous Ontario. Our ministry held consultations with over 250 organizations, including municipalities, Aboriginal groups, trail organizations and not-for-profit organizations. The feedback the ministry heard during these consultations was integral to shaping the proposed legislation.

To be clear, an easement pursuant to Bill 100, if passed, would be a voluntary agreement between a landowner and an eligible body or bodies. No property owner would be compelled to provide an easement unless they agreed to do so.

– Michael Coteau, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Many of the Ganaraska Hiking Trail’s “handshake” or written land use agreements have been in place for close to 50 years, and the landowner has the right to allow or withdraw access at any time. While easements are a more permanent arrangement whereby landowners are compensated for a permanent right to cross their land, the establishment of an easement is totally at the discretion of the landowner.

Landowners can be assured that Bill 100 (Bill 100.pdf) has no bearing on our current land use agreements with landowners, and contrary to what was suggested by the Ontario Landowner’s Association, in recent media coverage, the issue of easements is 100% in the hands of the landowner, per section 12.3 which reads that:

“An owner of land may grant an easement, with or without covenants, to one or more eligible bodies,

(a) for the preservation, enhancement or management of the use of, or access to, all or a portion of the land for purposes relating to trails or to activities relating to trails;

(b) for the creation, maintenance or management of trails for public use; or

(c) for the purposes as may be prescribed by the regulations made under this Act.”

In addition, the Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association has no intention whatsoever to approach landowners to turn its existing land use agreements into easement agreements.

The Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association thanks its landowners for their understanding.

For additional information, please contact:

President                         Hike Ontario Representative
Bob Bowles                      Frieda Baldwin
705-325-3149                  705-245-1005

Barrie Club AGM Report

October 18, 2015 Pot Luck Hike
October 18, 2015 Pot Luck Hike

2015 has been another successful year for the Barrie Ganaraska Hiking Trail Club. We have been following a full schedule of 26 Sunday Hikes, 13 Thursday hikes, 4 Cycle Rides and 2 Trips to Niagara Falls this Spring and Fall.

The Pot Luck was well attended from the Midland and Orillia sections. Although, the Barrie Section takes the lead on the Thursday Hikes we have very good representation from the Orillia Section.

Logging continues in the Barrie and Orillia sections and hikers should be aware that some sections of trail may not be cleared.

Springwater Park continues to welcome Ganaraska Hikers despite a confusing sign at our traditional entry point. The matter has been clarified and we will be posting a small Ganaraska Club sign on the same post as the Springwater Park sign at that point.

The Year In Pictures

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Additional Hikes for Pine Ridge Club Schedule – Fall 2015

Please Update Your Schedules

Wednesday September 2nd <MODERATE> 12 km
Country roads and tracks north of Garden Hill. Meet at the Home Hardware parking lot, Toronto Rd., Port Hope at 9:30 a.m. to carpool. Bring a lunch and a drink.
Contact: Paul Archambault 905-885-7139

Saturday September 5th <MODERATE> 15 Km
Rural Port Hope. Ganaraska Trail and unmaintained roads between the fourth and sixth lines. Meet at Gilmer’s Home Hardware parking lot, Toronto Rd., Port Hope at9:30 a.m. to carpool. Bring a lunch and a drink.
Contact: John LeBlanc 905-885-5214

Sunday September 6th <EASY> 6 km
Port Hope circuit. Meet at the Home Hardware parking lot, Toronto Rd., Port Hope at 9:30 a.m. for start of hike. Bring a snack and a drink.
Contact: Mary Brinklow 905-372-6298

Wednesday September 9th <MODERATE> 11 km
Concession roads in Hamilton Township (Morton Rd./Canning Rd. area). Meet at 9:30 a.m. at the Home Hardware parking lot, Toronto Rd., Port Hope to carpool. Bring a lunch and a drink.
Contact: John Leblanc 905-885-1420

Saturday September 12th <EASY> 5 km
Hike the Waterfront Trail in Port Hope and a section of downtown Port Hope. Meet at the Town Hall parking lot, Port Hope at 10:00 a.m.. Bring a snack and a drink.
Contact: John Kurowski 905-885-8776

Sunday September 13th <MODERATE> 16 km
Saint Anne’s West Loop. Rural road hike. Meet at the Home Hardware parking lot, Toronto Rd., Port Hope at 9:30 a.m., or at Hwy 45/401 commuter parking lot at 9:45 a.m., to carpool. Bring a lunch and a drink.
Contact: Andy Maxton 905-373-7029

Wednesday September 16th <MODERATE> 8 km
Hike the “Ganny” from Canton to Cairn (Port Hope Town Hall). Meet at Port Hope Town Hall parking lot at 9:30 a.m. to arrange car shuffle. Bring a snack and a drink.
Contact: Tim Hay 905-885-2203