Crawford Tract Still Closed

We have received an email from the Simcoe County Forest that hikers have been violating the “no trespassing” rule in the Crawford Tract, where logging is now taking place. The original notice of tract closure was posted on December 2, 2020, but it is still current. We risk losing access to these treasured forest tracts if we do not comply with the SCF requirements, so we trust that our hikers will not hike in this tract while the rule is in place.

We will update “Trail changes” when we can again enjoy this tract.

Carol Strickland, for Frieda Baldwin, President, GHTA Inc.

Oro-Medonte Trail – Caution About Logging Operations (June 2021)

June 2021 – Logging operations are currently active on private property between Lines 4N and 5N on the Ganaraska Oro-Medonte trail. The duration of the logging operation is unknown. Avoid using this section of the trail until a notice is posted that the logging is finished. 

2021.05.25 – Tiny Trail and Wasaga Beach Trail now connected!

Great News!!! The western end of the Tiny section of the Ganaraska Hiking Trail has been re-opened. It had been closed a couple of years ago due to a landowner issue and flooding. Both have been resolved, and the trail has been re-blazed. This re-opening will add 3 km to the Tiny section of the Ganaraska Hiking Trail and will re-connect to Tiny section to the Wasaga Beach section at Archer Road and Tiny Beaches Road (less than 100 m to the Georgian Bay shoreline at Allenwood Beach). 
Anyone doing an end to end of the Tiny section will need to follow the blazes to Tiny Beaches Road. The entire Tiny section is now approx. 27 kms.
New mapping data is being provided to Ondago, and we hope the new map will be available for mobile device use by end of June.
The T2 map of the 2013 Guidebook is correct (but unfortunately does not show km distances). 

Logging Operation on Barrie Trail in Simcoe County Forest (Crawford Tract)

A logging operation is active in Simcoe County Forest (Crawford Tract) that affects the east end of the Barrie trail between Line 5 and 6 in Oro-Medonte. This is the section of the trail just south of Sugarbush Estates on the south side of Horseshoe Valley Road. The duration of the logging operation is unknown but it is expected to take a while. This section of the trail should be consider closed until further notice.

An alternative route for this section exists by walking through Sugarbush Estates and then taking an alternative path to Line 5 as depicted in the attached picture.