Midland Hikers usually meet at Mountainview Parking Lot, close to County Road 93, Midland, across the Food Basics Store.  During this period, weekday hikes will be Wednesday at 1 pm. For these weekday hikes or snowshoe outings, we do not list destinations, as they are decided at random. These hikes are easy to moderate and usually 2 hours long.

Weekend meeting times vary, depending on destination. It is always recommended to contact the hike leader for details or changes before the hike, especially alternate detail. Our weekly emails will also notify you of our activities.

Pre-Registration may still apply for some hikes. Only fully vaccinated hikers are invited. Social distancing and mask-wearing (when not within 2 m separation or for carpooling) are still required.

Recreational Biking and Canoe/Kayak outings will start again in the spring depending on weather conditions.


SATURDAY January 1, 2022

Annual New Year’s day hike/snowshoe                                            EASY

Meet at 1pm at Midland Food Basics.

Destination to be announced

Contact Marc: 705-527-1967

SUNDAY January 9, 2022

Bass Lake P.P./Langman Conservation 5-6 km.                                MODERATE

Meet 12:45 pm at Midland Food Basics or 1:30 pm on line 15 Parking lot at Bass Lake

Parking fees of $3 -4 apply per car

Contact Joe Davis: 705-279-1518

SATURDAY January 15, 2022

Cross country ski or snowshoe outing at the Laking woodlot.        EASY TO CHALLENGING

An annual winter highlight..Heated cabin and outdoor woodstove for lunch stop and breaks.
Suitable for families. Marked trails for cross country skiing. Bring a lunch.

Meet at 8:45 AM at Midland Food Basics, or at 10 AM at the Laking woodlot in Lisle. Details to follow.

Contact Jim Laking 705-722-0512 or Frieda Baldwin 705-245-1005 (R) or 705-937-1005 (Cell)

SUNDAY January 16, 2022

Midland GANARASKA Hiking Trail Club Get Together

We will be holding a short business meeting, as well as a Safe Hiker Crash Course, and a snowshoe outing. Meet at 10:30 pm at the Tiny Community Centre. Bring your own lunch and drink. Refreshments will not be served. More detail to come                          

Contact:  Marc 705- 527-1967

SUNDAY  January 23, 2022                                                    MODERATE TO CHALLENGING

Ganaraska Hiking Trail: Barrie section (Old Second South to Gill road)

7 km snowshoe hike through lots of valleys and through beautiful county forests.

Meet at 9 am at Midland Food Basics,

or 9:30 on Gill Road/Midhurst at the entrance to the Tiffin Tract

Contact: Frieda Baldwin 705-245-1005

SATURDAY January 29, 2022                                                 EASY TO MODERATE

Six Mile Lake Provincial Park hike/snowshoe

1pm at Midland Food Basics or 1:30 pm at the Prov Park entrance in Port Severn

Contact: Frieda 705-245-1005           

SUNDAY January 30, 2022                                                     EASY

Hike/Snowshoe: Sturgeon River Loop (Rosemount Rd. Waubaushene)

Meet at 1 pm at Midland Food Basics or at Rosemount Rd & hwy 12 at 1:15 pm

Easy 2 hour hike

Contact: Sigi  705-427-6676

SUNDAY February 6, 2022                                                     MODERATE TO CHALLENGING

Moonstone  Area Forest Tract 4-5 km

Exact location to be announced

Meet at Midland Food Basics 12:30 pm or at destination at 1 pm

Contact: Kim: 705-327-2033 or 705-828-2033

SUNDAY February 13, 2022                                                   EASY TO MODERATE

Midhurst hike (MNR land behind Simcoe County Admin office)

Meet at 12:15 pm at Midland Food Basics, or 1 pm at the County Admin office on hwy 26, at gazebo 2.

Contact: Jochen 705-728-4359

SATURDAY February 19, 2022

Snowshoe at Copeland Forest                                               EASY TO MODERATE

9 am at Midland Food Basics or 9:45 am on Ingram Road in the parking lot east of the 4th line of Oro Medonte. Approx.3 hour snowshoe hike. Bring lunch and water                    

Contact: Frieda 705-245-1005

SUNDAY February 20, 2022

WYE MARSH Area/Ron Jones Rd.                                         EASY TO MODERATE

Meet at Midland Food Basics at 1 pm.

Contact: Simone  705-209-2526

SUNDAY February 27, 2022                                                                             EASY TO MODERATE

Hike/Snowshoe: Cedar Point Forest

Lafontaine area/18th Conc.

Meet at 1 pm at Midland Food Basics, or 1:25 pm in Laurin, Tiny Twp,

at the corner of Cedar Point Road, and 18th Conc. West in Tiny. Contact: Frieda: 705-245-1005

SUNDAY March 6, 2022                                                                     MODERATE +

Wyevale Area Farm.

Meet at Midland Food Basics at 12:45pm.

Or 220 Tiny Conc.6 West at 1pm.

Contact: Kim 705-327-2033 or 705-828-2033

SATURDAY March 12, 2022

Hike/Snowshoe around Keewatin Ship Harbour                              EASY

Meet at 1 pm at Midland Food Basics or 1:15 pm in Port McNicoll at the Keewatin.

Contact: Edda 705-427-3460

SUNDAY March 20, 2022                                                                   EASY

Beach Hike at Stotts Park Tiny Conc. 8

Meet at Midland Food Basics at 1pm.

Contact : Janet 705-527-1967

SUNDAY March 27, 2022

Ardagh Bluffs (Barrie)

Hilly, 6 km. Meet at 1 pm at Midland Food Basics, or 2 pm at the Holly Community Centre, 171 Mapleton Road, Barrie.

Contact: Frieda 705-245-1005

SUNDAY  April 3, 2022                                                                       EASY

Maurice Woods (Conc. 13 Tiny)

Meet at Midland Food Basics at 1pm

Contact: Klaus 705-533-9900 or Sigi 705-427-6676

SUNDAY April 10, 2022                                                                      EASY TO MODERATE

Wright Tract (Orr Lake Area)

Conc. 10.     6-7 km

Meet at Midland Food Basics at 1pm.

Contact Simone: 705-209-2526

Sunday April 17, 2022 (Easter)

Methodist Point hike                                                                         MODERATE

Hilly hke on the bluffs overlooking Georgian Bay & Giant’s Tomb.

Meet at 1 pm at Midland Food Basics, or 1:30 pm at the top of Methodist Point Road (Tiny).

Contact: Frieda 705-245-1005

SUNDAY April 24, 2022                                                                         MODERATE

Blueberry Plains P.P. Wasaga

Meet at Midland Food Basics at 10 am. Bring Lunch

Contact: Marc 705-527-1967