General Information

  • Wednesday hikes are 1.5-2 hrs/5-7 km and usually rated as easy or moderate.
  • Weekend hikes are 3-4 hrs/10-12 km and usually rated as moderate or moderate plus – please gauge your capabilities.
  • Registration by phone or email is required.
  • Participation is limited to 25 hikers unless otherwise noted; where hiker numbers are limited, KHC member registrations will receive priority.
  • Hikers must be fully vaccinated as per GHTA.
  • Hikers maycarpool as per GHTA.
  • Hikers to bring hiking gear for winter conditions, snacks/lunch and water as desired and appropriate.
  • Occasionally hikes are cancelled or locations change, so check your email or contact the hike leader.

Back-up contacts are:

Wednesday Hikes: Janice 705-874-0194

Weekend/Thursday Hikes: Richard 705-750-1040

The Kawartha Club Executive have decided to cancel the first two hikes (Jan 5 and Jan 8) of the Winter 2022 Hike Schedule.  Although group hiking outdoors remains a low-risk activity, especially for fully vaccinated hikers, we have made this difficult decision to ensure the safety of hike leaders, hikers and their families as well as to ensure that our club activities do not contribute to higher caseloads and pressure on the local health care system.

Wednesday, January 12 (EASY) 6-7 km

Fairburn Road (North of the City)

10 am: Meet at the end of Edmison Rd(Go north on Fairburn St to the end and turn left onto Edmison Rd). Depending on conditions, walk or snowshoe the road allowance.

Contact: Janice 705-874-0194

Saturday, January 15 (MODERATE) 10 km

Stony Lake Trails

10am: Meet at 105 Reids Rd., Woodview, ON. Hike trails through forests and meadows. Breakout after 7 km if desired.

Contact: Barb R. 705-760-1974

Wednesday, January 19 (MODERATE) 6-7 km

John Earle Chase Memorial Forest

10 am: Meet atthe parking area on Anchor Bay Road about 600m from Lakehurst Road. Hike the trails in rolling topography with some amazing views of Gannon’s Narrows and Pigeon Lake. Contact:   Barb 705-760-1974

Saturday, January 22 (MODERATE+) 12 km

Peterborough Crown Game Preserve

10am: Meet on left (west) side of County Rd 6 about 2 km north of Northey’s Bay Rd. Hike scenic wilderness trails through the forest.

Contact: Nick 705-243-1265

Wednesday, January 26 (EASY) 6 km

Bridgenorth Village

10am: Meet in the parking lot for the Chemong Lake Lions Park on the west side of Chemong Rd. just before the village. Walk the roads and pathways through the village.

Contact: Sharon 905-304-1961

Saturday, January 29 (MODERATE) 8 km

Warsaw Caves Conservation Area

10am: Meet at the gate. Hike through the forests of the Limestone Plains Trails.

Contact: Mark 705-874-2133

Wednesday, February 2 (EASY) 6-7 km

Rotary Greenway Trail

10am: Meet at the Rotary Greenway Trail on Auburn Street just north of Parkhill Rd. Walk the trail toward Trent University and back. 

Contact: Betty 705-875-2300

Saturday, February 5 (MODERATE) 8 km

Peter’s Woods Provincial Park

10am: Meet at McDonald Rd and Caradoc Rd. Hike forest trails and unopened road allowance.

Contact: George 705-927-2924

Wednesday, February 9 (EASY) 6-7 km

Explore The Avenues

10am: Meet in the parking lot at Jackson Park (off Monaghan Rd). Walk city streets through the old west end of Peterborough. 

Contact: Barbara 705-957-1825

Saturday, February 12 (MODERATE) 10-12km

Ken Reid Conservation Area

10am: Meet at277 Kenrei Rd, Lindsay. Hike the diverse forest trails with scenic views and meadows. Breakout at 6-8 km if desired.

Contact: Ken 705-745-9043

Wednesday, February 16 (EASY) 6-7 km

South End Walk

10am: Meet at Lansdowne Place near the southeast entrance of the mall. Walk the side streets of the south end.

Contact: Ken 705-745-9043

Saturday, February 19 (MODERATE) 8 km

Harold Town Conservation Area

10am: Meet at the HTCA parking area on Old Norwood Rd. Hike the mountain biking trails over and around the drumlin.

Contact: Fred 705-559-6436

Wednesday, February 23 (EASY/MOD) 7.5 km

Trent University (Lady Eaton) Drumlin

10am: Meet at the north end of Armour Rd at Nassau Bridge (parking lot by The Cabin). Walk scenic nature trails and enjoy panoramic views from the top of the Lady Eaton Drumlin.    

Contact: Fred 705-559-6436

Sunday, February 27 (MODERATE+) 9 km

Woodland Trails

Northumberland County Forest

10am: Meet at the Woodland Trails parking area on the east side of County Rd 45 south of County Rd # 9. Hike the forested hills. Breakout at 7.5 km if desired. Option for an additional 3 km loop at the end for a total of 12 km.

Contact: Nick 705-243-1265

Wednesday, March 2 (EASY) 6-7 km

Little Lake Circuit

10am: Meet at Roger’s Cove. Hike the sidewalks and trails around Little Lake.

Contact: Marjorie 705-761-8895

Saturday, March 5 (MODERATE) 14 km

Ganaraska Hiking Trail – KHC Leg #1

10am: Meet where the Trans Canada Trail crosses Crosswind Road. Walk the trail out 7 km and back. Second half to be scheduled in spring.

Contact: Richard 705-750-1040

Wednesday, March 9 (MODERATE) 6-7 km

Jackson Creek Side Trails

10am:  Meet in the Jackson Park parking lot (off Monaghan Rd).  Enjoy a picturesque walk on the many side trails along Jackson Creek.

Contact: Janice 705-874-0194

Saturday, March 12 (MODERATE) 12 km

Long Sault Conservation Area

10am: Meet at 9293 Woodley Rd, Bowmanville. Hike several trail loops through forests and hills. Breakout at 7-8 km if desired.

Contact: Fred 705-559-6436

Wednesday, March 16 (EASY/MOD) 6 km

Trent Wildlife Sanctuary

10am: Meet at the sanctuary parking lot on University Rd. Walk the many trails through the sanctuary.

Contact:  Stephen 705-749-6292

Saturday, March 19 (MODERATE+) 10-12 km

Petroglyphs Provincial Park

10am: Meet at the park gate. Hike park roads and wilderness trails. Parking is limited.

Contact: Nick 705-243-1265

Wednesday, March 23 (EASY) 6-7 km          

Historical Walk in East City

10am: Meet at Roger’s Cove.  Walk the streets of East City with a few stops for historical commentary.

Contact:  Ken 705-745-9043

Sunday, March 27 (MODERATE) 12 km

Goodrich-Loomis CA

10am: Meet at 1091-1345 Pinewood School Rd, Codrington. Hike the diverse forest trails along Cold Creek. Breakout at 10 km if desired.

Contact: George 705-927-2924

Wednesday, March 30 (EASY) 5-6 km

Sir Sandford Fleming Trails

10am: Meet at the Wellness Centre Parking Lot (near the ball diamonds). Walk through the grounds and forest area.

Contact:  Barbara 705-957-1825

Saturday, April 2 (MODERATE) 12 km

Durham East Cross Forest Conservation Area

10am: Meet at 4560 Devitt’s Rd, Nestleton Station. Hike forest trails with scenic views.

Contact: Janice 705-874-0194

Wednesday, April 6 (EASY) 8 km

Orange Corners /Trestle Bridge

10am:  Meet in the parking area on Orange Corners Rd. 100 metres north of Cottingham Rd (or south from Lindsay Rd). Walk the rail trail and enjoy panoramic views from Doube’s Trestle Bridge.

Contact:  Fred  705-559-6436

Saturday, April 9 (MODERATE+) 12 km

Ferris Provincial Park

10am: Meet at 227 Saskatoon Ave., Campbellford. Hike forest trails and park roads. Includes the Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge.

Contact: George 705-927-2924

Wednesday, April 13 (EASY) 6 km

Lakefield Trail

10am: Meet at 10:00am at Lakefield Trail and Douro 9th Line. Walk the Lakefield Trail and country roads.

Contact: Richard 705-750-1040

Thursday, April 14 (MODERATE) 10 km

Orono Crown Lands

10am: Meet at the parking lot at Ochonski Road 1.5 km south of Taunton Rd. Hike forest trails.

Contact: Nick 705-243-1265

Wednesday, April 20 (EASY)

Earth Day Clean Up

Details will be provided closer to the event

Sunday, April 24 (MODERATE+) 12 km

Fleetwood Conservation Area

10am: Meet at the west end of Solanum Way west of County Rd #32 (Porter Rd). Hike forest trails and unopened road allowance. Breakout at 8 km if desired.

Contact: Janice 705-874-0194

Wednesday, April 27 (EASY) 6-7 km

Lakefield Area

10am: Meet behind the Lakefield Arena.

Walk trails and roadsides of the town.

Contact: Karin  705-657-8056

Saturday, April 30 (MODERATE+) 13 km

Mount Pleasant West Loop

10am: Hike country roads, unopened road allowance and part of the Hogsback Trail.

Contact: Richard 705-750-1040

Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May or June: Date and details to be confirmed.