Hikers’ Responsibilities

Participants in events must choose activities suitable to their physical capabilities and skill levels. They must inform the hike leader before the start of an event about any health problems or allergies and the location of any special medications. They must follow the leader’s directions. Parents and guardians must supervise children in their care. Dogs are not permitted on group hikes.

Event organizers and hike leaders are encouraged to have their hikers/participants sign the Waiver sheet found below for each event where they or their participants may be exposed to risks or accidental injury. Each area club can arrange how they want to file these, and they should be kept for a couple of years.

Hikers’ Code:

Respect private property
Stay on the trail
Cross fences using stiles
Carry out all garbage
Walk around the edge of fields
Protect wildlife, trees and shrubs
Never strip bark from trees
Keep dogs on a leash near farms and where required by law (NOTE: No dogs on group hikes)
Always remember a trail is a privilege, not a right.

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