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GHTA Wilderness Club hike: Winter lunch on Scrabble Mountain

The turn out for yesterday’s, “Winter lunch on Scrabble Mountain” hike was slim, but understandable. However, I did get to meet and hike with a Facebook friend which is always great. Had a lot of fun Robert Campbell, Margaret O’Dell and Wendy Manning!

All week rain was the forecast for yesterday’s hike. Even during the hike, rain was still the forecast, and yet there was ZERO precipitation the entire day. We even saw the sun for a while.

Trip points of interest:

– Some water levels were high; most were low. A few blown out beaver dams. Fairy Pond has been reduced to a beaver meadow with a small creek running through it.

– Came across a boat on the trail, far from any water, with two parking tickets. If anyone knows the story behind this I’d be interested to hear about it.

– Ran into a high school outdoor club who were out for a few days of winter camping. Looked like they were having fun!

– Discovered a miniature Pachycephalosaurus dinosaur along the trail. Good eye, Wendy!The only downside of the trip was that we didn’t bring Flying Carpet mats to slide down some of the hills.

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