Pending Covid-19 update

While being cautiously optimistic, we are looking forward to the loosening of the Ontario Health Regulations with respect to Covid, which – as announced yesterday – will be effective as of January 31, 2022. At that time, we expect that outdoor group hike attendance can be increased to 25.
However, until that time, strict guidelines have to be followed by all hike participants:

– max 10 for group hikes; social distancing, including mask wearing if within 2 m of each other; only fully vaccinated hikers can participate in group hikes; car-pooling not recommended, unless with members of your household.

We have no provincial guidelines regarding carpooling, but we set our car-pooling guidelines to be logically consistent with the tightened restrictions currently in place.  Thus, in keeping with the “loosened” restrictions expected Jan. 31, at that time we think it is reasonable to resume carpooling within the previous guidelines – windows cracked open for ventilation, and masks on, max 4 per vehicle.

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