Ganaraska Hiking Trail Maps Go Mobile!

If this is not exciting, I don’t know what is! After a full year of volunteer time GPS’ing and documenting our 500 km long Ganaraska Hiking Trail and working with Ondago, a Quebec based software developer, the Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association trail maps can now be downloaded to your mobile device.

Using the GPS function of your device to find the Ganaraska Hiking Trail, follow the trail, and get lots of great information about the trail on your phone or tablet.

There are eight detailed club section maps and one overall map of the Ganaraska Hiking Trail in the Ondago catalog providing coverage of the entire trail from Lake Ontario to Georgian Bay. Each map contains multiple points of interest highlighting where parking is available, where great sights can be found, where there are places of historic interest, etc. In addition to making the Ganaraska Hiking Trail easier to find and navigate, the Ondago app provides some very practical and interesting information at a hiker’s fingertips.

To get the mobile device version of our maps simply download the free Ondago app and search for Ganaraska or go to the ‘Hiking’ section on the app and scroll to the Ganaraska maps. Each map can be downloaded (also for free) before heading out to the trail and requires only the GPS function of the device. A data connection is not necessary to track your progress and position on the trail, but if you have data on your mobile device, you can take full advantage of the points-of-interest on the maps such as linking to websites providing information about features of the trail.

The development of this downloadable, mobile version of the Ganaraska Hiking Trail is the result of a lot of hard work by numerous members of each of the nine Ganaraska clubs and a generous grant from the Simcoe County Tourism Development Fund.

More information about Ondago can be found at
More information about the Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association Inc., its nine clubs, the trail itself, how to become a member, etc. can be found at

Please try it out and tell friends and family about this new and exciting way to get information about, and enjoy, the Ganaraska Hiking Trail, which has been described as a string of pearls, whereby the blazes take you from one scenic spot – the pearl – to another.

Happy Hiking

Frieda Baldwin
President, Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association Inc.

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