2022.06.05 – Barrie Trail Change Notice

Effective immediately, a section of the Barrie trail running south from the Gill Road parking lot (KM 24.9 on the Ondago and Trail Guide maps for the Barrie Club) is no longer available. A private landowner has acquired property that had our trail running through it and has asked that we discontinue hiking on the property. The trail now runs south from the Gill Road parking lot on Gill Road for about 1.5 KM and then re-enters the forest. The new route is 0.3 km shorter than the previous trail (2.3 km versus 2.6 km).

The following map shows the change. Our Trail Guide and Ondago mobile app will be updated in the near future.

2021.11.10 – Simcoe County Forest Crawford Tract Logging Operations Complete – Trail Now Open

We have just received confirmation from the Simcoe County Forestry organization that logging operations in SCF Crawford Tract are now complete and the trail is open and available for use. This is the section of the Barrie Club trail in Oro-Medonte between Lines 5 & 6 just south of Sugarbush Estates (south of Horseshoe Valley Road). There is a bit of trail clean-up and maintenance to be done but the trail is useable. Enjoy!

Crawford Tract Still Closed

We have received an email from the Simcoe County Forest that hikers have been violating the “no trespassing” rule in the Crawford Tract, where logging is now taking place. The original notice of tract closure was posted on December 2, 2020, but it is still current. We risk losing access to these treasured forest tracts if we do not comply with the SCF requirements, so we trust that our hikers will not hike in this tract while the rule is in place.

We will update “Trail changes” when we can again enjoy this tract.

Carol Strickland, for Frieda Baldwin, President, GHTA Inc.

2020.05.15 Update – Barrie Trail Temporarily Closed Between Baldwick Land and County Road 90

May 15, 2020

There is still a section of the trail that remains closed even with the opening of some parks in Ontario. The section of trail immediately south of Baldwick Lane is still closed. It is now possible to hike north from County Road 90 until you get through the forest to the open meadow. The situation is being closely monitored – please watch for future updates,

Announcement on May 8, 2020

The west end of the Ganarasaka Barrie Hiking Club trail, from Baldwick Lane to County Road 90, goes through property owned by Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority, Nature Conservancy of Canada, and private landowners. Regardless of ownership, all of this section of the trail is in the area designated as Minesing Wetlands. These organizations have all recently designated their properties as closed to the public due the pandemic restrictions.

Until these restrictions are lifted, the Ganaraska trail between Baldwick Land and County Road 90 is to be considered ‘off limits’ to comply with the wishes of the land owners that support our trail system. Thanks for your understanding, and stay safe. 

Barrie Section Reroute (GHTA Guidebook Maps 21 & 22)

Ref: GHTA Guidebook Maps 21 and 22 – When exiting Springwater Provincial Park onto Wilson Road the trail now goes south on Wilson Drive to Seadon Road and then west on Seadon Road until picking the existing trail where it is already on Seadon Road.

This reroute is because of the housing and road development work going on between the end of George Parkway and Seadon Road. Almost all of the trail in this area as shown on the existing maps has disappeared.

The long term plan is to find an alternative that gets the trail off the roads as much as possible but we will likely need to wait until the development work is done before changing things again.

Barrie Club – Trail now open from Line 5N into Copeland Forest

The Barrie Club trail from Line 5N into Copeland Forest is now open (map #19 in GHTA Guidebook). Earlier this year the trail became blocked as a result of logging operations in the area. Debris on the trail has now been removed and blazing refreshed. Thanks to all the club members that worked so hard to make this happen. This is a very enjoyable section of the Barrie trail – it is great to have it open again.

2017.11.19 – Barrie Club hike Gill Road to Old Second North

Our original plan today was to drive to the Bruce Trail at Mono Cliffs Provincial Park but weather and road conditions made us decide to hike closer to home. The Ganaraska Trail between Gill Road and Old Second North provided us with a great hike through both hardwood and pine forest with lots of ups and downs to give us a good workout. As you can see in the picture, hiking right after a snow fall provides an extra special experience.

Hiking in Haliburton Highlands

On November 4, 2017 members of the Barrie and Orillia hiking clubs enjoyed a 13km hike in Haliburton Highlands. The Crests of Kennisis and Circuit of Five Viewpoints trails provide a moderate to challenging hike rewarded by great cliff top views of the surrounding forest and lakes. The trail head for Crests of Kennisis is at the Big Hawk Lake historic log chute where there are displays providing interesting information and pictures about history of logging in the area. This hike has become an annual favorite for the group, usually scheduled toward the end of the fall hiking season.

Barrie Club Spring Hike Changes


This Hike is Missing from the Spring 2016 News:

Sunday, May  22  <Easy>
Hike for 2 – 2 1/2 hrs  behind the Simcoe County Museum.
Meet in parking lot behind the Simcoe County Museum on left side of Hwy 26, after turning left off Bayfield St. at 10.30 am
Contact:  Norah Stebner @ 705-726-3163 or Min Pinkney @ 705-797-1989

This Hike’s Leader is changed:

Sunday, May 15 <EASY/MODERATE>
Hike in the Barrie area at Ardagh Bluffs. Easy pace for approx. 2 1/2 – 3 hours with a number of short steep hills. Leaving from rear parking lot of Canadian Tire on Bayfield Street at 10am and the Holly Community Centre parking lot at 10:30am.

Contact: Bob Murrell @ 705-456-3163

Barrie Club AGM Report

October 18, 2015 Pot Luck Hike
October 18, 2015 Pot Luck Hike

2015 has been another successful year for the Barrie Ganaraska Hiking Trail Club. We have been following a full schedule of 26 Sunday Hikes, 13 Thursday hikes, 4 Cycle Rides and 2 Trips to Niagara Falls this Spring and Fall.

The Pot Luck was well attended from the Midland and Orillia sections. Although, the Barrie Section takes the lead on the Thursday Hikes we have very good representation from the Orillia Section.

Logging continues in the Barrie and Orillia sections and hikers should be aware that some sections of trail may not be cleared.

Springwater Park continues to welcome Ganaraska Hikers despite a confusing sign at our traditional entry point. The matter has been clarified and we will be posting a small Ganaraska Club sign on the same post as the Springwater Park sign at that point.

The Year In Pictures

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